Is it true that two tablespoons of olive oil a day can halve your risk of heart disease and help sustain weight loss?

Can olive oil kill cancer cells, fight Alzheimer’s Disease, revive a failing heart and even turn off bad genes?

Unlocking The Secrets of The Mediterranean

Olive oil expert Judy Ridgway and Dr Simon Poole, an authority on the Mediterranean Diet, co-authors of the Olive Oil Diet, take an authoritative look at the science behind the headlines. Recent studies have shown that a diet based around olive oil will significantly improve your health, well-being and vitality. It will also help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid heart disease, stroke and diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia.

Good fat is definitely back on the menu

With confusing messages on what to eat and what not to eat, The Olive Oil Diet combines the original ancient superfood, extra virgin olive oil, with natural, wholesome foods from the Mediterranean and beyond, to create the recipe for the healthiest and most enjoyable way to live. It is a book which makes sense of fats, health and the famous Mediterranean Diet.

A Diet for life

The Olive Oil Diet is the only diet you will ever need. It is not a diet to take up when you feel under the weather or want to lose weight and leave off when you feel better. It is a diet for life.


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